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Intelligent Learning™ – The Big Breakthrough for Integrated Receivables

Integrated Receivable solutions are designed to remove the complexity businesses face because of the numerous ways their customers choose to pay. In the past, systems that attempted to consolidate payments from various payment channels have stumbled over the massive amounts of configuration or custom coding that had to be performed before payments could be processed.

Sean Rodriguez Joins Panel Discussion at AFP

Sean Rodriguez - Head of the FRB Faster Payments Task Force Joins Panel Discussion

Webinar: Integrated Receivables - More Than Straight Through Processing

Join US Dataworks and Aite Group to learn how banks are adopting smart technology to enable integrated receivables to benefit mid-sized business clients.

Online Invoice Presentment as a New Treasury Service

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) is increasingly becoming more popular, but does this impact the small to mid-sized b2b space and what can banks do to help?

US Dataworks to Speak at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference

This year, a member of the US Dataworks team will be moderating a panel discussion at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference.