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How Do You Keep Team Members Moving Toward The Goal?

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

A two-time world champion racer and two-time Guinness World Record holder has learned how to work with teams, and she says what she learned can be used among leaders looking to keep their teams going.

Robyn Benincasa, the author of How Winning Works, wrote about her experiences on Harvard Business Review's website, and offers three major tips.

  1. Let the hope of success rule you, not the fear of failing. This is the difference between doing what it takes to win over what it takes to not lose. We won many a race not only by slowing down less than the other teams, Benincasa writes, but by coming up with some game-changing solutions.

  2. Let yourself be weak at times, and find strength from others. In other words, she says, don't just offer strength. That's easy. But when you're having a low moment, grab someone's line and get some strength before moving on. You'll get farther, faster if you do, Benincasa writes. I believe that you haven't used all your strength as a leader until you've accepted help from your teammates. It's difficult, but it builds a better team.

  3. Act like a team, even when it doesn't feel great. Teams aren't always feeling excited about being together. So you fake it sometimes until the excitement is back. If you want to become the world champions, you need to act like world champions, one of Benincasa's captains once told her.

Every team leader can learn from what Benincasa has written, said a US Dataworks payments processing expert.

Source: Harvard Business Review, April 2012