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4 Ways Government Can Boost U.S. Competitiveness

Posted on Mar 15, 2012

Manufacturing is ready to make a comeback in the United States and government at all levels could take steps to boost the nation's competitiveness.

That's according to a Harvard Business Review blog encouraging government to help boost a manufacturing renaissance driven by the changing economics of global production.

Leilani Doyle, vice president of marketing and product management at US Dataworks, agrees that government should play a role in laying out a stable structure for growth. But Doyle cautions against relying too heavily on government to drive economic competitiveness.

We should really focus on talent creation and nurturing of ideas and concepts that have value, Doyle said. We need to concentrate on creating an overall better environment.

Here are four areas the authors of the Harvard Business Review blog suggest government focuses on:

  1. Educate people on the new math of global manufacturing: Costs are rising in China and manufacturing in the U.S. simply makes economic sense.
  2. Reform the U.S. tax system: A constantly changing tax code only serves to hamper job creation and confuse businesses. Reform the code and then don't touch it for a while.
  3. Level the playing field: Government's role is to ensure all countries are playing by the same rules.
  4. Rethink regulations: Regulations should do more good than harm. The speed of our regulatory process also needs fixing.

Source: Harvard Business Review, March 2012