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How One Small Company Embraces Creativity

Posted on Mar 01, 2012

What can you learn about creativity from a small studio of artists in Shreveport, La. Judging by the Oscar they recently won, quite a bit.

Moonbot Studios trumped giant production studios like Warner Bros. and Pixar to capture an Academy Award for best animated short film for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Why is Moonbot so successful? Staying small is a big reason, its founders say.

When our guys have questions they don't have to go through layers of management, said Bill Joyce, one of Moonbot's three founders, in an interview with Inc.com. They come directly to us, and bingo, we're right there. That's the kind of shop we want to have.

The digital animation and development company has 35 employees. That's a fraction of the manpower not to mention the budget of the big Hollywood production studious.

But Moonbot thrives by squeezing the most out of its talent and companies across a wide spectrum of industries would be wise to follow its recipe.

Moonbot recruits employees with a broad set of skills. Then it immediately throws them into the deep end of the pool. Pushing them hard from the beginning boosts confidence, Joyce said.

Another key to the company's success is creating a culture that breeds excitement about work outside of the office. In truly innovative environments, work doesn't rotate around the time on a clock.

It moves on throughout the evening into the weekend, said Brandon Oldenburg, one of the founders. The work that we do is not work. We're thinking about it all the time.

Source: Inc., January 2012