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Let Karma App Guide Your Gift Giving

Posted on Mar 05, 2012

Need a little inspiration to find the perfect gift for your Facebook friends? Now there's an app for that.

Karma, a new app for iOS and Android, introduces a new social shopping experience aimed at lessening the friction between the gift purchaser and recipient.

The app is designed to help users find reasons and inspirations to give gifts to their Facebook friends by identifying birthdays and other occasions, according to an article at All Things D. It also works without logging into Facebook.

Products are generally on the high-end of the spectrum, ranging from jewelry and champagne to Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

After choosing a gift, Karma texts, emails or Facebook-messages the recipient to personalize the gift and enter their shipping address.

Karma has the potential to change the way hipsters buy each other gifts. On the surface it's well integrated into the social media experiences that younger shoppers have grown up with, explained a payments processing expert at US Dataworks.

Karma also could stimulate sales for select items by connecting reasons to buy for someone else with inspirations of what to buy.

What might be especially interesting to watch is whether or not Karma lives up to its name. If you do something nice and buy a gift for someone, will that come back around to you?

Source: All Things D, February 2012