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Pearson Reinvents Itself For Digital Age

Posted on Feb 28, 2012

It's no secret that the publishing industry is searching for ways to reinvent in the digital age.

Pearson, a learning company that owns the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group, isn't wasting any time in launching new creative ideas.

With the help of Zuora, a cloud-based billing service, the publisher is opening content to harness the power of third-party developers. Pearson's goal is to drive new revenue generation opportunities through this digital service.

Plug & Play allows developers to create new ways to use, display and blend the company's content. Pearson's API data is free to use until developers reach a certain data use threshold, at which point they will have to pay a fee through Zuora.

Zuora captures credit card details from the developer application form, manages bills and payments, and produces customized reports. Developers can edit their payments details for convenient and efficient self-service.

Pearson is showing what's possible when publishers move beyond previous thinking and systems, said Shawn Price, president of Zuora. "With a powerful platform like Zuora for its billing, Pearson can continue to innovate at record pace."

Businesses that continue to invest in yesterday's billing and payments processing systems should take note. You may be confining your business to the steel rails of the railroad instead of flying the friendly skies, said one US Dataworks expert.

Source: Marketwire, February 2012