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Why Performance Reviews Need A Makeover

Posted on Mar 26, 2012

Traditional performance reviews no longer make the cut in the new world of social media.

Digital tools are having a big impact on performance management, according to an article at Mashable.

Socials goals make the performance review as we know it irrelevant, notes Jody Thompson, co-creator of ROWE.

Social goals immediately tap into intrinsic motivation, making the old-fashioned measures of meeting or exceeding expectations seem ludicrous, Thompson told Mashable. Social goals when attached to performance give everyone in the organization purpose and focus. Event-based performance review systems then become unnecessary when the workforce is optimizing performance real-time.

Engagement is the natural next step as the social workplace shifts toward goals, according to Ben Peterson, co-founder and CEO of BambooHR.

Most people check the box to say they've done their performance review and then don't think about it again for another year, he said. Social goals need to meld into currently used systems in a measurable way that will engage and motivate or it's as useless as the status quo.

Digital tools that keep employees engaged makes for a happier staff and more successful company.

Source: Mashable, March 2012