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3 Reasons Businesses Should Go Green

Posted on Jan 31, 2012

Going green is no longer just a trend or a way for companies to feel like better corporate citizens. It's becoming an imperative part of running a business.

Incorporating environmentally sustainable practices means your business will spend less and earn more. It's a win-win, your business boosts its profit margins while also helping the environment.

If that's not enough to convince you, here are three reasons why all companies should go green, according to article at Green Business Bureau:

  1. To keep up with the competition: Many big-name retailers already have made the green push. They're focusing on renewable energy, reducing waste and making more eco-friendly products available to customers. New stores are frequently LEED certified as retailers strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Some retailers are also offering to email customers their receipts, eliminating the use of all that paper, added one US Dataworks expert.

  2. To meet customer demands: As more retailers go green, consumers increasingly expect businesses to embrace sustainable practices. Those that fail to do so risk alienating customers and losing their business.

  3. It makes business sense: Going green makes ethical and economic sense. Reducing the brightness of lights in a store could save a retailer 30 to 40 percent on their electricity bill. One way to save is by adding motion detectors to the lights in refrigerators or aisles so they're not running needlessly.

The bottom line is that green is the color of the future. It's quickly becoming not just the right move, but a necessary move to survive in today's competitive marketplace.

Source: Green Business Bureau, January 2012