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Amazon Ditches Its PayPhrase Service

Posted on Feb 09, 2012

Later this month, Amazon will terminate its PayPhrase program, which was designed to let folks check out of the online retailer faster.

According to an article on Mashable.com, PayPhrase which was launched in 2009 combines shipping and payment data so you can check out using a key phrase of your picking. People could use phrases such as Check me out or Slam Dunk, then enter a four-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

But people didn't like it, so they are stopping the service. The company is offering a new purchase-delegation tool, which allows customers to have another person order items on their behalf.

Orders placed before Feb. 20 won't be affected, Mashable said.

It just goes to show that even retail giant Amazon can stumble sometimes when trying to predict consumer preferences, said a payments expert from US Dataworks.

It seems that consumers really didn't like remembering a phrase and the pin in order to complete a transaction, the expert said. Maybe this was just too ambitious for Amazon. At the end of the day, if it is easy, secure and ubiquitous consumers are more likely to adopt it. Miss any one of these and it's a no go.

Source: Mashable, February 2012