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America's Coolest 20-Something Entrepreneurs

Posted on Feb 21, 2012

Inc.com recently published a list of the 30 coolest entrepreneurs who are under 30. And no, Mark Zuckerberg isn't on this list.

The people who DID make the list are guys like Austin Branson and Peter Smathers Carter, two 27-year-olds who manufacture and sell preppy needlepoint belts, key fobs and wallets with the help of nearly 2,000 stitchers in Vietnam. Their revenue hovers around $2.5 million.

And there's Ben Lerer and Adam Rich, two guys in their late 20s who publish Thrillist, a daily e-mail newsletters for dudes, featuring tips about restaurant openings, bar specials and the like.

And don't forget about Jamail Larkins, a 25-year-old who sells and leases general aviation aircraft, a four-person company with projected revenue of $8.4 million.

I just can't help my entrepreneurial interest in these young entrepreneurs who are busy developing some really interesting businesses, said Leilani Doyle, vice president at US Dataworks. I think there is a lot established businesses can learn by seeing how these young people make a difference by working hard and putting their energy into their ideas.

You can check out the slide show here.

Source: Inc., February 2012