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Reddit Hits 100,000 Visitor Record

Posted on Jan 27, 2012

Where do you turn for online news and information?

If it's Reddit, you're far from alone. The news aggregation website which allows users to submit content recently had 100,000 unique visitors at once for the first time.

Google Analytics registered the historic figure for Reddit at 1:43 p.m. Eastern Time on Jan. 23. Reddit's general manager, Erik Martin, said the site had been inching closer to the 100,000 mark for a few weeks.

This red-hot growth follows another milestone. In December, the website registered more than 2 billion page views. That's twice as many compared to December 2010, according to an article on Mashable.

About 35 million unique visitors checked out Reddit last month. That means the average user viewed about 13 pages each visit.

Here's what is most remarkable about Reddit's growth the site doesn't rely on SEO, Facebook or Twitter to help drive traffic.

Alexa, which ranks websites, has Reddit at No. 50 in the U.S. with 600,000 to 1 million unique visitors daily.

Digg has historically led Reddit in traffic. However, that social news website lost traffic after users rejected a new version launched in August 2010, according to the article.

Reddit has twice as many unique hits as Digg in December, showing how quickly it has zoomed ahead.

Martin said Reddit has posted steady growth for the past two years. Even the site's blackout on Jan. 18 in protest of SOPA which earned Reddit national attention didn't dramatically bump traffic, he noted.

For Reddit, steady growth continues to drive its success.

Source: Mashable, January 2012