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The Key To Being A Great Leader? It's All In The Pursuit

Posted on Jan 05, 2012

Want to become a great leader? Become a great pursuer.

That's the one leadership quality most often overlooked, according to Mike Myatt, a CEO coach, author and managing director of N2growth. It's also one of the most vital qualities because pursuit leads to attainment.

In a column at Forbes.com, Myatt writes that a failure to embrace pursuit is to cede opportunities to others. Quite simply, he says, you cannot attain what you do not pursue.

Smart leaders understand it's not just enough to pursue, but pursuit must be intentional, focused, consistent, aggressive, and unyielding, Myatt said. You must pursue the right things, for the right reasons, and at the right times.

When examining professional strategies for the New Year, consider what you are really pursuing. Remembering to separate rhetoric from true pursuit reinvigorated a personal quest for payment simplicity, according to a payments processing expert at US Dataworks.

Get others involved, too. Pursuit should be highly collaborative and operates best when it leverages velocity and scale, Myatt wrote.

But don't confuse pursuit with goal-setting, he cautions. While outcomes are important, leaders must pursue what happens after the outcome.

Pursue discovery, seek dissenting opinions, develop your ability, unlearn by embracing how much you don't know, and find the kind of vision that truly does see around corners, Myatt said. Don't use your pursuits to shift paradigms, pursue breaking them.

All leaders, Myatt believes, would be best served to go back to school and study what he calls the science of pursuitology.

Source: Forbes, December 2011