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Can StyleSaint Turn Pinterest Craze into Viable eCommerce?

Posted on May 23, 2012

Have a few hours to idle away?  Why not spend them viewing stunning photography, home decorating ideas and new fashion trends,  all of which can be found on the Pinterest content-sharing site.  In fact, if the internet and digital photography has has influenced anything, it is the number and variety of images we can collect and share. A growing number of users are sharing these images and videos on Pinterest pin boards.  In fact, Pinteerest is so popular it has gone from a mere 10,000 users at launch in 2011 to over 11.6 million users in January 2012. 

But Pinterest's business model is pure content.  Any selling is done by linking visitors to other sites where actual purchases can be made.

StyleSaint looks to take this model and use it to create a whole new shopping experience.  With StyleSaint users can publsih and share images of clothing and fashion, creating "tear sheets", a fashion industry term.  But the real difference comes as StyleSaint will start designing and manufacturing its own appreal line based on the user-generated collections.  This is really fundamental shift in product design that, if it works, will reshape the way many types of products are researched, designed and taken to market.

Here at US Dataworks, we are always looking for ways to improve our overall customer experience and user interface.  Although we process alot of payments for really big and not so big companies, the payments industry is always changing.  If we coud tap into a "Pinterest" like process to gain feedback on new product features or enhancements, that would really speed up our time to market and provide a better customer experience.

On the payment processing side, anytime there is a new shopping experience there is likely to be a new payment model needed.  This is one all payment professional should keep their eye on.  Remember it is all about knowing your customer.

Read the source article on All Things Digital - StyleSaint Secures $1.5M to Create Pinterest With an E-Commerce Twist.