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View and Edit X9 and ACH Files From the Cloud

Posted on May 24, 2012

Check 21 forever changed the way banks move checks around the payment system in order to collect funds for their customers.  Gone is the need to present physical check documents- a simple check image will do.  Sounds really simple, however, when you are dealing with real money and more than 7,000 banks, the whole process can get a bit complicated.

With the help of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) a standardized file format for exchanging check images was created.  This standard is referred to as the X9 standard which is really short for X9.100-187. What is unique about this file standard is the embedding of images in the file to make certain that the check image accompanies the all the payment related data so there is no confusion. However, embedding the image in the file itself makes is virtually impossible for an administrator, tester or operator to view the files contents without a special viewer, much less make any changes or compare two files.

In the past, special software needed to be installed in order to view these files or make changes.  But back in April, US Dataworks launched ClearView, a fully cloud-based solution for finding, viewing, editing and comparing X9 files.  So just like the X9 standard made it easy for banks to exchange check images, ClearView makes it easy for payment professionals to make changes to these files in order to conform to the various requirements of the 7,000 finanical institutions. With no software to install, businesses and financial institutions can now open files stored on their local PC or network using the ClearView cloud-based X9 viewer.  It is a great way to see how simple life can be in the cloud.

Take a look at the ClearView video to see how it works or sign up for a free trial offer.  The world of X9 and ACH file viewing just got a lot clearer with ClearView.