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Partners are Key in Creating a Simple Client Experience

Posted on Jun 14, 2012

We live in a world where technology can be used to simplify our lives. However, all too often technology companies fall short in fully delivering on this promise. Many times this is because a good end-to-end solution involves the collaboration of companies and devices, which can be troublesome.

Many of you have likely been in the middle of the finger pointing game when a problem arises, where if it isn’t the application, it’s the hardware. Or if it’s not the hardware, it’s the network infrastructure, or security controls or lack of interoperability of the web services and so on and so forth.

Companies that truly focus on a rich, complete and simple client experience are learning the value of deep partner relationships. By forming partner alliances with the key components of your technical solution, your client’s experience is transformed from a confusing cycle of “not my problem” to a simple solution that just works.

We have embraced this strategy at US Dataworks in order to continue to improve our client experience. Canon is well-known for world-class quality check scanners and business imaging solutions and is our newest strategic alliance partner. Closely integrating our Cloud Deposit Capture solution for remote check deposits with the Canon business equipment resulted in a superior user experience for bank clients and the business clients they serve.

In addition, our Canon certified resellers benefit from bringing a simple solution to their clients, while generating new recurring revenue from the Cloud Deposit Capture service. It’s a winning strategy for everyone.

So if your company is truly focused on delivering simple solutions to complex business problems, consider how you can include partners to round out your offering.