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TaskRabbit Delivers Now, but not in Texas

Posted on Jun 19, 2012

Editorial by Leilani Doyle

It’s 6:30 pm and I am still sitting on the fifth floor of the US Dataworks office building slaving away over the latest online marketing campaign and craving an Orange Leaf Mango yogurt. And this craving is only intensified by the lack of air conditioning which goes off at 6:00 pm sharp. Too bad the three summer interns I have sitting in the next office have already left for the day, as they can typically be bribed into various intern-level tasks like going on a frozen yogurt run.

But wait! I just heard about a new service from TaskRabbit called “DeliverNow” that will run all types of errands for a flat $10.00 fee. Would I be willing to pay $10.00 to get my Orange Leaf without having to leave my office? At this point I probably would, especially if I could get it within 20 minutes. Too bad TaskRabbit is not in Texas, or at least not yet.

For now, TaskRabbit is only in San Francisco. But this courier service that covers the compact city of San Francisco just recently launched the “Deliver Now” extension of their iPhone App that lets users order on-demand delivery of anything within the city between the hours of 9am and 7pm.

I don’t know exactly how the service works or how the payments get processed, but I have to say I like the concept. Just think how many times great product or marketing strategy sessions have run long at your company and you are faced with stopping the energy flow to go grab lunch or face the potential mutiny due to starvation from your otherwise highly cohesive team.  With TaskRabbit you could simply order in some tasty Vietnamese sandwiches and keep your team engaged.

However, in a city as spread out as Houston, I am not sure TaskRabbit would work. Maybe that is why it has been limited to a major metro area like San Francisco. But I can only imagine if there was a location-based social aspect to it, where someone in the area of the Orange Leaf by our offices could see my request and make a few bucks by simply delivering one mango yogurt, it seems like it could work.

If someone out there has actually used TaskRabbit’s “DeliverNow” service, I would love to know how it works and how the payment processing works. 

Source: TechCrunch - TaskRabbit Launches On-Demand Courier Service ‘Deliver Now’ In San Francisco