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No cash, no problem! Just Wear your Money with Vitaband.

Posted on Jul 10, 2012

You've undoubtedly found yourself in a compromising position where you are either in line to make a purchase and realize you have no money, or wish you could get in line to purchase but you have no means to purchase! One answer to this dilemma is the VITAband, a stylish dual-purpose bracelet combining the ability to make cashless purchases on-the-go with the ability to maintain an electronic Emergency Response Profile! It's the perfect solution for athletes on the go. Never again worry about stuffing cash on your person before heading out the door to exercise. 

VITAband is a creative, one-of-a-kind, solution designed by David Waxman and Jason Brown of VITA Products Inc, which utilizes Visa’s® payWave contactless payment technology and the VITAband Visa Prepaid Card. To make a cashless purchase on the go, all you have to do is wave the bracelet at the point of sale to make purchases at millions of retailers who accept Visa debit cards.

Not only that, but in case of emergency first responders and medical personnel are trained to look for and read medical identification bracelets which in this case would direct them to an online record of pertinent medical information including medications, allergies and contact information. 

In an article on Runnersnetwork.com entitled Runners: Wave goodbye to wadded-up cash and lost ID with Nathan VITAband, Bridgit Lombard, VP of sales and strategy for Nathan, states “Every athlete stashes cash or a card somewhere for that well-deserved drink, snack, or let’s get real – beer – after a long run or ride. VITAband is the easiest, most secure way to stay safe and have money when you need it."

For the active person on the go this concept is phenomenal! Though the current model requires a prepayment of the Visa Card, what's next for these creative guys? Will you be "saved by the band"....VITAband that is?

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