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Top 5 Translation Apps Just in Time for Summer Travels

Posted on Jul 17, 2012

Top 5 Translation Apps Just in Time for Summer Travels

We all know that you just can’t leave home without your smart phone.  So why not download some Apps that can help you adjust to the culture as well as bridge the language barrier?

Here are five translation Apps that were identified by American Express OPEN Forum as simple, to the point and won’t rack up the data charges.

  1. Jibbigo – just speak into your phone and Jibbigo will send back a text and voice response with the translation. 
  2. Dean Foster’s Culture Guides – get local information about the country you are in, including what to wear to dinner and how to eat with a banana leaf.
  3. International Business Etiquette -  this free app has a general introduction to 75 countries.
  4. Word Lens – just snap a picture and word lense will translate it for you.  Perfect for those too lazy to type.
  5. Tap-Translate -  translate phrases of any website with just the tap of a finger.

If you have a favorite translation or cross-cultural app you would like to share, please comment below.

Source: Mashable.com