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Intuit CEO Brad Smith Offers Three Ways to Make Unstructured Time Work

Posted on Nov 27, 2012

As innovators in the payment processing arena, US Dataworks is always exploring ways to keep innovation flowing within the company.  A recent LinkedIn post by Brad Smith, CEO of our friends at Intuit, caught our attention with three very practical ways to get the most innovation out of unstructured time.  Some of these concepts fit hand-in-hand with the principals of simplicity that we at US Dataworks have adopted as a way to develop innovations that make payments simple.

Here are the basics ideas:

  1. Batch Your Time:  Intuit encourages their team to carve out large batches of time to focus on their unstructured time ideas.  This prevents the pressure of looming deadlines or core projects that are half finished from stealing the creative focus needed for true innovation.
  2. Build a Small Team:  By working in a small team, as opposed to a large team or alone, Intuit has realized greater outcomes from unstructured time. Small teams can compliment skill sets, develop ideas and work through barriers.  At US Dataworks, we have adopted the small team concept and are already seeing results.
  3. Don’t Innovate in a Vacuum:  Although the idea of creating some structure for your unstructured time might seem counter intuitive, it does help give the unstructured time a bit of focus needed for success.  Brad suggests hosting an idea jam or contest that lasts for a couple of days to really get the team excited while providing limited structure.

In today’s world of information and new apps, innovation is critical to any business.  Unstructured time is just one way to foster innovation, but the underlying corporate culture must embrace innovation in order for it to succeed.

Read the original LinkedIn post:  Brad Smith November 2012