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NFC-Enabled Print Ad for a 'Tap and Get Offer' Could Boost Mobile Payments

Posted on Jan 07, 2013

By: Leilani Doyle

A partnership between Rogers Communications, CIBC and RIM is working with technology company Crosscliq on Canada’s first truly NFC-enabled print ad. The goal of the ad is to demonstrate the flexibility and simplicity of NFC technology.

“This is another great example of how NFC continues to deliver innovative and effective advertising solutions especially for the magazine and print industry," said Ian Barkley, CTO for Crosscliq, "NFC offers advertisers for the first time in history, the means to connect the offline print world with the online digital world."

How this ad works seems fairly straightforward. Just tap your Blackberry on the print ad and the ad instantly delivers a holiday gift offer. I suppose this saves you the effort of typing in some promotional number or scanning a QR code. Reportedly the offers include a choice of free premium Blackberry apps that can be instantly downloaded to the Blackberry device. Readers can also opt to download CIBC’s new Sure Tap mobile payment app. 

This is a novel approach to blending print and online advertising. However, restricting this promo to only RIM devices may be the telling signal on NFC technology. 

News source: Paymenteye.com.