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Square’s Transparent Office Culture Sets a New Model for Fast Growing Businesses

Posted on Jan 09, 2013

Square is well known in the payment processing circles for changing the traditional means of setting up merchant accounts and accepting credit card payments. The mobile device coupled with a unique business process changed the complex world of merchant services into a simple process that is accessible to almost anyone.

This flow of innovation in payment solutions is stimulated by the transparent corporate culture at Square. Running a transparent company can be pretty simple if you are talking about a small startup, but now that Square has over 450 employees, transparency could easily be lost. 

However, according to a recent article on Mashable, Square continues to focus on a transparent corporate culture using three main ideas. First, ask anything.  Square holds a weekly meeting every Friday where all employees attend. During the week employees pose questions and these questions get votes. The top three questions are answered during the weekly meeting.

The next key to transparency is that everyone is an owner. All employees are owners of the company and they truly feel like owners of the company. The ownership stake promotes greater collaboration in the company and focus on goals.

Finally, there are stand up tables scattered throughout the office to encourage workers to gather around and talk about projects. This open atmosphere encourages rapid idea development that is so crucial for a company that is always looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Could Square not only be changing the way payments are processed, but also the expectation of how businesses are run?

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