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In a New Take on Biometrics, Researchers Replace Passwords with Passthoughts

Posted on Apr 16, 2013

By: Leilani Doyle

It seems that the UC Berkeley School of Information has created a way to eliminate all those pesky passwords that you struggle to remember for your various software applications and web sites. Just slip on a simple headset, like a blue tooth headset, and researchers can validate your identity by asking for a Passthought. It seems that this headset can read your brainwaves using an electroencephalogram. SInce this headset costs only around $100, researchers claim it is less expensive than finger print or retina scanners.

This might be a great option for someone who struggles with remembering all the various passwords, but what happens if I can’t remember my passthought?  Will the headset send me a signal directly to the brain to stimulate the memory? Will every software application use the same pass thought, or will some sites ask you to think of your high school mascot, while others will want you to envision your mothers face, the way a kitten feels to touch or the smell of your favorite food?

Biometrics will most certainly play a role in the security paradigms of the future. I'm not sure if Passthoughts is going to make the mainstream.

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