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The Bankers Bank Live on Clearingworks - NextGen Receivables

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

The Bankers Bank is now live on the Clearingworks – NextGen Receivables Platform, proving the flexibility of the Clearingworks Payments solution.  The Bankers Bank has been using the Clearingworks platform to power their check-image clearing network for more than three years.  The Clearingworks Image Clearing Network lowers the cost and improves the quality of correspondent banking services by efficiently and expediently routing and clearing millions of checks each month for hundreds of banks throughout the US. 

Expanding the use of the Clearingworks Payments Platform to include NextGen Receivables provides The Bankers Bank another valuable service that they can offer to their member banks.  Currently, The Bankers Bank is utilizing the NextGen Receivables solution to process their internal remittance payments.  However, The Bankers Bank can now begin offering the NextGen Receivables solution to their member banks or even to other Bankers’ Banks.

The Bankers Bank exists for one reason: to provide the highest quality of correspondent services to community banks. US Dataworks is pleased to provide high quality payment technology to power innovative check clearing, receivables processing and various other payment services.