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How Apple Pay is Changing POS

Posted on May 05, 2015

US Dataworks' key differentiator is Clearingworks, our payments platform that processes all forms of payments.  The product team closely follows emerging payment types and integrates them into the single processing platform to simplify all front-end and back-office accounting functions.  We have followed mobile payments for more the six years, waiting for the year of mobile.  Well Apple Pay may be the catalyst that truly gets us to at least the early adoption of mobile payments. 

Join Leilani Doyle, SVP Product Management at US Dataworks, for a NEACH webinar that sheds some light on how Apple Pay may be breaking the barriers to entry in the highly complex, network effect business that is mobile payments at the point of sale. Webinar information is below.  

How Apple Pay is Changing Payments at the Point of Sale

Thursday, May 7, 2015 
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Is Apple Pay a payments mechanism in its own right or is it simply an enabler for Near Field Communications (NFC) at the point of sale?  Will it be a game-changer for payments as a technology company taking center stage in the payments space or will it remain a partner to financial institutions? What is the price – strategic and actual – for institutions to play? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more about other major players in this space. 

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