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Cloud Image Cash Letter solution for correspondent bank service providers

Image Cash Letter is the new standard to clear and settle check payments. The problem is that most vendor-provided solutions are not optimized for handling large volumes of Check 21 images from numerous depositors or sending to multiple end-points.

ClearNetwork changes the game by accepting X9 files, remote deposit capture, and even mobile deposit capture files. All files are consolidated in the ClearNetwork Cloud that is specifically branded for your bank. Create a clearing network that includes your own respondent banks, upstream correspondents, and even the Federal Reserve Banks. There is virtually no limit to how your network can be configured. ClearNetwork makes it simple.

ClearNetwork is the right solution for you.

  • Add new banks or clients with ease. Eliminate weeks of testing. Our easy set-up wizard takes the complexity out of adding new banks or clearing end-points.
  • Accelerate clearing and settlement. ClearNetwork’s unique ability to clear to multiple financial institutions based on end-point accelerates check collection and minimizes risk.
  • Automate confirmations, acknowledgements, and alerts. Stop spending hours on manual confirmations, file acknowledgements, and exception emails.
  • Simplify returns and adjustments. Automated matching of returned items and adjustments make it easy to solve exceptions.
  • Maximize revenue and profitability. Our simple pricing structure eliminates expensive upfront license fees, ongoing customization costs, and maintenance fees.

Trust the leader in check image clearing. The ClearNetwork solution from US Dataworks currently handles more than 6% of the total check volume in the United States today and this percentage continues to grow.

Why? The answer is simple. We value our trusted partner relationship with each of our clients. We invest in robust technical solutions and comprehensive marketing to give you all the tools for success.

Test drive our ClearNetwork solution today and experience power, flexibility, and security first-hand.