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ClearView is a cloud based solution designed for payment professionals that need to test, certify, and correct image cash letter files. ClearView can validate to the X9.37 standard, X9.100-187 standard, and UCD. Although ClearView is delivered as a service through the Clearingworks private cloud, ALL PAYMENT FILES STAY ON YOUR LOCAL SYSTEM OR PRIVATE NETWORK.

ClearView also performs all the same functions for ACH files. ClearView validates ACH files to NACHA standards and easily identifies violations or warnings. Comparing two ACH files for differences can be a challenge, but ClearView can quickly highlights any differences.

ClearView does not require any software installation which makes it easy to use in most corporate networks. The free version allows users to view, validate and, compare, while the full version allows users to edit, add and delete items, batches, bundles, and images. With the full version, users can also save files in a PDF version. This can be helpful for research, adjustments, and returned items.

The full version is available for a low monthly subscription fee.

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How ClearView is used today:

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