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Cloud Deposit Capture

The future of check deposits is clear

Clearingworks' Cloud Deposit Capture allows businesses to remotely deposit checks without complex software installation, setup, and configuration. Businesses simply login to their branded Clearingworks site, scan the checks using approved scanners, and submit the deposit. Clearingworks does the rest, including image analysis on the check amount, validating image quality, detecting duplicates, and enforcing limits.

Cloud Deposit Capture is more cost-efficient and flexible when compared with older remote deposit capture solutions. Our unique subscription model, flexible credit limits, and multi-scanner support make it easier and more affordable for banks to extend this service to many business and consumer customers.

Benefits to your bank:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with streamlined cloud delivery
  • Eliminate cumbersome software installations and version management
  • Improve customer retention by making it easier to make deposits
  • Reduce time required to set-up and train customers
  • Control risk with dynamic multi-tiered deposit rules
  • Use a proven solution that processed more than $120 billion in deposits in 2011

How it works:

Your customers login into the Cloud Deposit Capture website that is fully branded with your bank’s logo and message. Customers scan their checks using a standard check scanner. Image analysis is performed on the checks with a 90% read rate for both handwritten and typed dollar amounts. The customer then confirms the total deposit amount and submits the deposit.

Immediately, a deposit receipt is displayed and an email notification is sent to the customer. Clearingworks' simple subscription model makes it easy and affordable to bring on customers by the handful or by the thousands.