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Phila AFP 2017 Treasury Initiatives Conference

Conference Details

Date: May 4, 2017

Location:  Chemical Heritage Foundation

Blockchain has a proven use case with the digital currency bitcoin, which is currently trading at $1,000 per bitcoin and has a market cap of $16 billion.  Now industry leaders are testing the waters with the use of blockchain technology to simplify traditional business practices that require lots of tedious manual effort. According to Bloomberg News, financial and technology firms were projected to invest $1billion in blockchain technologies in 2016. 

Join Leilani Doyle, SVP Product Management at US Dataworks in a lively panel discussion featuring Caitlin Long, former Morgan Stanley banker and current CEO of Symbiont and Andrea Tinianow, Director of Global Delaware for the State of Delaware to learn from a real life example of a blockchain implementation. Delaware is home to more than 66% of Fortune 500 companies and 85% of initial public offerings.  In 2016, Delaware was the first US state to implement blockchain technology and in 2017 they expect companies will be able to file documents on their distributed ledger.