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Integrated Receivables: How Cabela’s Transformed Remittance Processing

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 from 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM ET


Traditional lockbox processing is being replaced with comprehensive Integrated Receivables solutions.  Cabela’s recognized this trend and has completely transformed their remittance processing operations. 

Panelists will include:

Ben Martens - Accounting Operations Manager
Cabela's Worlds Foremost Bank
Ben leads the Accounting Operations team at Cabela's WFB and is reponsible for the processing of all Cabela's Club Card VISA payments.  This includes an internal lockbox processes, in-store payments and all electronic channels. 

Leilani Doyle

Leilani Doyle - SVP Product Management
US Dataworks
Leilani is on a mission to eliminate tedious, redundant and inefficient proceses found in remittance opeartions. She is a frequent speaker at the annual AFP conference and other industry events and is on the Fed's Faster Payments Task Force.

In this webinar, we will define Integrated Receivables and discuss how Cabela's made the decision to move to an integrated platform.  Primary objectives are:

  • Reduce overall processing costs
  • Expedite payment application to customers accounts
  • Simplify customer service and research
  • Enhance audit and fraud controls
Contact Greg Bruns at US Dataworks, 281-504-8124 with any questions.