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Strategic Customer Partnerships for Financial Institutions

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Strategic Customer Partnerships for Financial Institutions

U.S. Dataworks is sponsoring a FREE 2-part webinar series hosted by BankersHub.

This exclusive BankersHub FREE webcast seriesis intended to help executives, directors, and senior managers better understand the critical role that strategic partnerships play in helping build and foster customer relationships in an increasingly competitive environment.

About the Speaker

David L. Peterson, President, U.S. Dataworks and author of best-selling book Grounded will be speaking for both sessions. 

David is a well-known international speaker. He has inspired audiences to rethink how innovation happens in their organizations. David understands the critical need to combat ststus-quo thinking to achieve sustainable profits and competitiveness in any industry. 

Along with his position as President at U.S. Dataworks, David serves on the board of several industry related companies and associations, and is a serial entrepreneur with start-ups in retail and professional services.

Part One: Why Financial Institutions Need to Become Strategic Partners

When FIs assist businesses in lowering their costs, provide access to prospects or enhance the customer experience, they become a strategic partner. Innovation with this strategic focus is the key to transformational growth. Learn how to achieve this type of success with both SMB and corporate customers.

Part Two: How Integrated Receivables Became Strategic

“Integrated Receivables”… Most bankers are not even sure what that means. Yet, it may be the single most important issue for every business customer an FI has – accurately and efficiently posting monies owed. Understand the framework for addressing this business opportunity and how it makes your bank strategic.

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