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Integrated Receivables

Modernize Treasury Management Services

US Dataworks revolutionizes Treasury Management Services with our new Integrated Receivables solution. We take invoices and account information, combined with lockbox payments, online bill payments, ACH and wires to provide a single view of all your receivables and incoming payments.  Integrated Receivables is a new treasury management solution that augments or replaces stand-alone lockbox systems and ACH reporting.   Our proven remittance payment processing technology is trusted to process millions of payments each day, totaling billions of dollars for banks and blue chip companies.

Business Customer Benefits

Clearingworks -Integrated Receivables Solution makes it easy to capture your payments at any location, including centralized mail opening centers, field offices, partner locations, ACH and wire systems, and even over the web. We process all receivables through a single work-flow engine.  Your customers access real-time information of the total receivables picture from dashboards designed for their business or industry segment. 

Clients using Clearingworks identified the following advantages:

  • Smart matching invoices and bills to payments received reduces overall time to apply receipts
  • Automatic learning of corrections, email matching and payment application processes improves accuracy and reduces manual effort
  • Real time access to the entire receivables process enables better cash flow forecasting and optimizes cash assets
  • Single consolidated system eliminates printing incoming emails, looking for the matching ACH or wire payments and manual posting
  • Long-term archive of all payment activity simplifies compliance and enables valuable insights into business trends
Receivables Chaos


Why wait?  Modernize your Treasury Management with Integrated Receivables and start generating new revenue streams. Contact your US Dataworks payments professional today.