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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. We have a variety of scanners that we are currently using including NCR, Canon, and Opex. Can we use our existing scanning equipment with US Datawork's Lockbox?

A.  Our Lockbox solution works with most industry standard scanners, including NCR, Canon, Burroughs, Opex, and others. There is no need to replace your existing equipment to use our solution. However, if your equipment is aging or is designed for higher volumes of check payments, you can always add newer scanners without impacting your current process. This flexibility and adaptability of our cloud-based Lockbox solution is key differentiator.

Q. We have multiple channels for payments and, in some cases, different providers for each channel. Can US Dataworks help me consolidate all of our payment channels?

A. Yes. We are the leaders when it comes to remittance payment consolidation. Our Lockbox solution can process payments from your mailed in receipts, payments from your website, payments from online bill payment services, mobile payments, arranged payments, and walk-in payments. There isn't a payment type or channel that we don't process. The value of this consolidation is the consistency of customer experience, regardless of how the customer chooses to pay. Additionally, your accounting team has a single feed into your accounts receivable or CIS system for a truly simple solution.

Q. We’re concerned about deploying our payment processing solution in the Cloud due to audit compliance requirements and security. Is US Dataworks' lockbox solution safe and meets audit requirements?

A. Security, compliance, and audit are our top concerns. We have a multi-layer approach to security that is reviewed regularly by several independent auditors. We pass annual PCI compliance audits, quarterly scans, annual SSAE 16 audits, audits request by our financial institution partners, and more.  In fact, most of our clients report that our security policies, procedures, and controls are stricter than their own internal controls. 

Security and privacy of information are truly a key considerations when moving to the cloud. You can rely on our Report on Compliance or other audits to simplify your own security audits. Our attention to security is a key reason we are trusted to process $7 billion each day.