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Simplify web payments for businesses and merchants

PayItAnywhere is a new app that extends the Clearingworks Platform by accepting one-time or recurring payments from any billers' website. This new app enables billers to keep up with the online payments landscape, complicated by changes in technology, security requirements, and customer demands. PayItAnywhere also enhances the overall customer experience through seamless integration with all other payment channels, while reducing the burden of PCI compliance.

Online payments posted a double digit growth over the last 12 months, according to the 2010 Billing Household Survey. This study also confirmed that billing and payment activities are the primary reasons consumers visit company websites of service businesses. What is more, the overall customer experience of bill payment influenced customer retention.

According to an Aite Group study released in April 2011, nearly 26% of all consumers will pay their bills at their billers' websites by 2013. Billers must provide the best customer experience possible in processing their payments and removing unnecessary barriers to online bill payment, such as convenience fees, delays, and poor user experience.

PayItAnywhere is priced at a simple monthly subscription fee plus an initial setup charge. Other advantages include:

  • Reducing costly interchange fees through our preferred processor network
  • Lowering payment processing fees with eCheck options
  • Delivering a consistent user experience for all payment types
  • Accepting payments from most mobile devices and iPads

Find out how to test drive PayItAnywhere and start simplifying your online payments.