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U.S. Dataworks is now part of CheckAlt, the nation’s largest independent remittance processor with 13 strategically located processing centers.

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What We Do

We enable financial institutions to provide payments and integrated receivables services to their best, most profitable business customers, establishing you as a strategic partner.

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Integrated Receivables

Integrated Receivables is a new treasury management solution that augments or replaces stand-alone lockbox systems and ACH reporting.

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Automated Lockbox

Businesses still receive a high number of check payments. Simplify remittance payment processing with one-step image capture and receivables posting.


Payment Case Manager

Banks can now automate and track request for ACH Proof of Authorization or other payment related documents. Bank to Bank and Bank to Originator requests are supported.

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Payment Network

Correspondent Banks use the Payment Switching Network to clear checks quicker and at lower costs.  One-click research and adjustments reduces operational costs and differentiates you in the market.


What is Integrated Receivables?

Receivables payments are the life blood of most businesses. However, as more receivables payments move to electronic channels, businesses are mired in the complexity of matching email remittance information to banking reports, or logging into various portals to retrieve key remittance data. Banks can help their business customers simplify their receivables management by offering an Integrated Receivables solution.


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