As an avid sailor, I try to get out on the water whenever I can. There is something about being at the helm of a boat, driven only by the wind, relying on your sails, skills and lines to maneuver safely through the waters to reach your target destination. And, unless it’s a very small sailboat, there is always a crew aboard, ready and willing to do their part to make the journey a pleasure.

I joined U.S. Dataworks as President on February 12, 2018. U.S. Dataworks is a financial services software company based in Sugar Land TX, a suburb of Houston, with a proud history and a solid customer base. In mid 2017, the assets were purchased by The Bankers Bancorp of Oklahoma. The timing was perfect for a change in leadership as the influx of financial stability from the new owner coincided with a resurgence of interest in the problems businesses face in accurately and efficiently posting incoming payments. I’ll share more about this problem in future blog posts.

My primary goal in joining U.S. Dataworks was to steer this company to reach its true potential as a premier fintech company. What I found … was an experienced crew; a steady group of experienced professionals who know the ropes and are competent “sailors”. They were interested to learn what I could bring to the team as captain and eager to share their knowledge about integrated receivables. As I shared my vision of integrated receivables as a key strategic product for FIs, not just another tactical payment solution, it was as if I was giving our sailing crew a new destination. Everyone has leaned into the wind, trimmed the sails and is working hard to adjust our course.

The esprit de corps is refreshing! As someone who has been an independent consultant for years, I am very happy to be back working as part of a team. Look for future updates as we continue to chart our course and navigate the waters to success.