Windy City Views

The Treasury Management Association of Chicago could not have picked a better week for the Windy City Summit. The weather was perfect, with clear skies and warm spring temperatures, which made the Navy Pier venue even more inviting while walking between sessions.

Although it had been several years since U.S. Dataworks exhibited at this conference, we were able to see many old friends and make a lot of new ones as well. The educational sessions had a lot of good presenters and interesting content. Some of the key themes in the conference included:

  • Advancements in Receivables Automation using artificial intelligence and closer integration between banking systems and accounting systems.
  • Security Goes Biometric with Wells Fargo leading an interesting session on how security fabric and layers of protection combine biometric validations, tokens and behavior to improve security. Could the password really be dead?
  • Getting Ready for Real Time Payments by changing the way banks, businesses and consumers think about sending and receiving payments. Payments are deeply ingrained in current business and personal practices. Changing this behavior will take time, however, industry experts predict that once the move starts, the changes will be sweeping and fast. So now is the time to get ready.

One word of advice to conference organizers is to reduce the overall number of tracks. The choices in educational sessions were so numerous it was difficult to get to all the interesting topics.

Keynote speakers were great. Cheryl Cran brought a lot of humor into her lunch session on The Changing Workplace, and Al Roker was very happy to sign autographs and take selfies.

All in all it was a great show and we look forward to next year!!