On Wednesday, October 24, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Session Leader:  David L. Peterson
Hosted by Bankers Hub and Sponsored by U.S. Dataworks

Is your 2019 plan full of tough technology decisions? Investing in technology to expand business services is top of mind for most banks.  Analysts agree, banks looking to stand out from the competition need technology solutions that closely integrate to their business customers’ accounting and ERP systems.
Attend this webinar to find out why emerging technology solutions like, Integrated Receivables (IR), are rapidly becoming a key component of the bank technology transformation.
Attendees will learn:

  • How real businesses have reduced their receivables cost by 80% with bank-provided IR
  • Ways to identify potential customers and size your bank’s opportunity
  • Tips for transforming traditional business banking services from tactical to strategic
  • Why Real Time Payments will only increase the need for banks to offer fully integrated business solutions

Enroll in this webinar today to plan your technology transformation with confidence.


About the Speaker

David L. Peterson, President, U.S. Dataworks and author of best-selling book Grounded will be speaking for both sessions.

David is a well-known international speaker. He has inspired audiences to rethink how innovation happens in their organizations. David understands the critical need to combat ststus-quo thinking to achieve sustainable profits and competitiveness in any industry.

Along with his position as President at U.S. Dataworks, David serves on the board of several industry related companies and associations, and is a serial entrepreneur with start-ups in retail and professional services.