Well TEXPO was certainly an interesting and informative conference, with a full schedule of educational sessions and an exhibit hall full of new products. The Woodlands was a wonderful venue and once the storm clouds of Sunday passed, we were treated to some great spring weather.

As a veteran of the industry, it was good to reconnect with colleagues from all over the state and meet many new and very talented treasury professionals. Key topics of interest at the conference included enhanced automation of traditional bank treasury services and the role of artificial intelligence in financial operations.

There is no question that machine learning is rapidly becoming a valuable business tool for financial services. Our own experience using Intelligent Learning in our Integrated Receivables solution has proven the benefits and reduction in a repetitive manual effort. However, artificial intelligence has to have a degree of transparency into the business rules being created.

It will be interesting to see how technical architects and product managers balance this need for computer automation through artificial intelligence with human oversight.