AFP did a great job this year diversifying the content and format of presentations. The Mindshift forum in the Exhibit Hall provided thought provoking content in consumable bites. Every session was at capacity and the ease of access made it simple to drop in.

AFP Mindshift

Rana el Kaliouby, PhD leads Mindshift key note

However, the single biggest take away from the annual AFP conference was the rate of change in treasury management technology. Technology, concepts and ecosystems that have been talked about for the last five years are finally coming to fruition. Numerous corporate practitioners shared their experience actually implementing  transformative technology and automation in large and organizations.

Some key examples discussed in educational sessions include:

  • Use of real time payments for business to consumer disbursements
  • Adoption of integrated receivables as a key tool for remittance processing
  • Integration of AI is cash flow forecasting and user experience

It is clear, treasury management is expanding from incremental changes to improve efficiency to true step changes aimed at increasing the strategic nature of treasury services.

Learn more about treasury trends in 202 and accelerating change during the Seizing Change as an Opportunity to Rethink Treasury Services, featuring Celent analyst Alenka Grealish.