AFP 2018 – U.S. Dataworks $1,000 Cash Giveaway

How to Enter

The US Dataworks team members wearing the IR Hats and sporting green sparkly shoes will be giving away $1,000 in $100 bills on IR HatMonday at 3:30 PM and on Tuesday at 4:45PM. The IR Hat team members will have cards providing details on the promotion and how to enter. Participants can also register to win simply text the letters IR to 474747.
Once your text message is received you will get a text back asking you to complete basic information including your name, company name and the phone number you sent the text from. This information will be used to verify the winner’s identity. Participants at the conference can also enter by visiting the US Dataworks website at and completing a simple form. There is no limit to the number of times a participant can enter.

Selection of the Winners

Winners will be selected at random from the Text and Website entries. Winners must be present at the conference during the award time and provide proof of identity in the form of a business card or other identification. Winners will be notified by phone call on the phone number provided during the registration process. Winners will also receive a Text message notification. Standard text messaging rates will apply.

Winners will be announced at 3:30 pm on Monday November 5, 2018 and 4:45 on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Prize Award

Winners may accept the $1,000 in $100 bills in cash or may elect to donate the full amount to the Charity of their choice. A Certificate of Donation will be provided to winners selecting this option. Winners also agree to have their photograph taken as part of the promotion and published on the US Dataworks website and the US Dataworks social media sites. Photos may include the prize money or the Certificate of Donation, completed with the Charity of the winner’s choice. Winners wishing to donate the prize to charity will also receive a letter confirmation of the donation from the Charity of their choice within 30 days of the award.