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We build enterprise class software on our Clearingworks Platform to simplify all aspects of payment processing for banks and the businesses they serve.

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Integrated Receivables

Receivables processing has become increasingly complex as new and emerging payment methods are displacing traditional checks and invoices.  Clearingworks – Integrated Receivables connects business customers (and their accounting systems) to their banks for seamless processing of all forms of remittance payments.  Businesses can now spend more time doing what they do best, and less time on tedious and repetitive tasks like manual cash application. Click here to learn more.

Automated Lockbox

Lockbox processing is a valuable service for banks to offer their business customers.  However, most lockbox automation systems haven’t changed in 30 years. Clearingworks – Automated Lockbox uses advanced Image Recognition software to reduce the amount of manual effort.  Your business customers have real time access to all lockbox information through a bank-branded portal. Click here to learn more.

Payment Case Manager

Banks are required to provide Proof of Authorization if ACH debits are questioned by the receiving customer.  Typically this request is passed between banks, receivers and originators by faxing and other manual processes. With Clearingworks – Payment Case Manager RDFIs can log into a participating ODFI’s portal to input a request, check the status of pending requests, and receive the Proof of Authorization when it is made available.  Saves time, money and reduces the chance of error. Click here to learn more.

Payment Switching Network

Automate your image cash letter and correspondent banking services with Clearingworks – Payment Switching Network. Clear checks in-network saving time and money, automate check adjustments and streamline returns handling. Click here to learn more.