What is Open Payment Platform?

  • Does your organization face barriers reaching new customers?

  • Missing out on key market opportunities?

  • Is a lack of technical resources or competing projects inhibiting your ability to place revenue producing systems into production?

  • Is there a unique business process or need that is not solved by existing systems?

  • Is the deployment of an open platform a business objective?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions,
we have the solution.

Why You Need It

U.S. Dataworks, Inc understands your situation and we have a solution that allows your development team to break through these barriers. Clearingworks is an open platform architected for rapid development of enterprise-class applications.

Imagine meeting all your current project deadlines, or capitalizing on an emerging market trend, such as real-time payments, because you have the power of the Clearingworks – Open Platform powering your internal application development.

Clearingworks – Open Platform enables your team to quickly build applications in a fraction of the time of a traditional software development process … and at a fraction of the cost.

Key Benefits

  • Graphical workflow tool allows your developers to create custom workflows, add new workflow steps and integration to external systems within a given workflow process with no code writing required.

  • Powerful rules-based workflow engine allows business rules to be added, changed or removed without compromising system integrity.

  • Role-based security module allows roles to be created and modified. In addition, roles can be tailored to very specific elements, including fields, screens, reports and actions.

  • Real-time metrics capture performance statistics, tracks system events and logs user activity.

  • Integrated Alerts and Notifications allow customer alerts and notifications to be integrated into any workflow process, system activity or metric, including built in anomaly detection for usual activity.

  • App architecture allows your developers to build and maintain numerous business-specific Apps.

  • Real-time transactional data is optimized for long-term data archival and warehousing.

U.S. Dataworks, Inc. successfully used the Open Payments Platform to build and expedite popular payment solutions for top ten financial institutions and multi-national corporations. We regularly win business based on our ability to deliver quality solutions on-time and meeting the specific requirements of our clients for secure enterprise-class applications.

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If you think the Open Payment Platform is the solution to a problem you have, contact a US Dataworks payment platform specialists for more information.
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