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What Is Payment Case Manager?

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Banks receive disputes from their customers claiming an ACH debit to their account was not authorized.  Banks handle these requests by sending a Proof of Authorization request to the ODFI by fax. Under NACHA rules, the ODFI must provide proof the transaction was properly authorized.  This process is largely based on faxes moving between financial institutions and their customers and is very labor intensive and prone to delays.  Clearingworks – Payment Case Manager automates this process by providing a secure portal for all RDFIs to submit requests to Member ODFIs.  Member ODFIs can also subscribe their largest originators to the service and automate the entire request process end-to-end.

How can my bank use Payment Case Manager?2018-08-24T20:54:15-05:00

Any receiving bank can register as a guest user to have access to participating ODFI banks. Banks can enter the information typically sent over by fax to the ODFI. Guest users can check the status of requests and receive the Proof of Authorization through this portal. Forget sending faxes and accurately track the status of your customers request.

Is private information protected according to banking standards?2018-08-24T20:57:54-05:00

Yes. U.S. Dataworks technology is used to process millions of payments every year. This is a lot of secure and private information to protect. We handle ACH payments, check payments, card and healthcare payments and adhere to tight security policies for data access and control. Regular audits by qualified external auditors confirm our security controls.

How do I get started with Payment Case Manager?2019-05-28T15:22:51-05:00

To learn more about how you can start using Payment Case Manager, check out PCMWorks to find out more about the benefits of using PCM and our memberships. By reducing costs and improving service, we can work together to make an difference in the industry.

How it Works

“Member Banks” are banks that have subscribed to the Payment Case Manager service, and have full privileges to automate the handling of incoming requests for Proof of Authorization for ACH debits. This includes a consolidated workflow for receiving all incoming requests from guest participants or other Member participants.  Member Banks can also add their largest Originators to the portal to automatically forward any incoming requests directly to the originating company.  Full alerts and audit trails keep your team on task and prevent any unnecessary returns due to missed deadlines.

Any bank can participate as a guest by signing into the Member Banks portal and entering requests for Proof of Authorization.  Each individual user must register as a guest and follow our process for authentication.  Guest banks can enter new requests, check the status of existing requests and also receive Proof of Authorizations once they are provided.  Proof of Authorizations can be provided as a pdf file attachment, image attachment like a screen shot or a voice recording. Guest banks can upgrade their account at any time to receive full benefits of the system.

Major ACH debit originators can be added by Member Banks to further streamline the very labor intensive process of receiving, tracking and providing Proof of Authorizations.  Participating originators have limited access to view their request and provide appropriate responses.  Responses include authorizing the ACH return or attaching the proof that the ACH debit was properly authorized.  Proof can be provided in the form of a pdf file, an image file of a scanned document or screen shot or a voice recording in standard WAV or mpg format.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce manual effort of receiving, logging and tracking the status of requests for Proof of Authorization.

  • Improve the speed of getting requests to major Originators

  • Quickly identify any changes in ACH debit behavior by Originators

  • Free staff time from tedious manual processes while providing best customer service

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